HootSuite’s CEO predicting social media trends for 2014

Ryan Holmes, the founder and CEO of HootSuite, together with some of the top social media minds out there give us their best guess on how the social media trends will fare in 2014. According to the article published on LinkedIn, Mr Holms expects the downfall of certain social media, and the rise of “ephemeral” social networks like […]

Social media polls reveal users want to go back to basics in 2014

Many conducted polls reveal that a large number of social media users have made it their New Year’s resolution to revert their use of social media to basics, which is building and maintaining relationships.  According to the news article featured on Sys-Con, the poll conducted by Heart+Mind Strategies revealed that the top three things social […]

And so we begin 2014

If you thought 2013 went fast, I think you’re in for a real thrill ride in 2014. Social Media will continue to be the medium we choose for communication – with Facebook giving way for emerging platforms such as Snapchat. Technology will find its way on us, as the move towards wearable technology will accelerate […]

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

It has been a rapidly changing year at andon. We have been moving forward to constantly evolving communication platforms.  We have been pushed, probed and shaped by the ever-changing media landscape, which itself is constantly at the mercy of new technologies. But we have continued to do, what we’ve done since 1999 – evolve. At […]

Advantages of online advertising

Living in a digital age means people of all ages and races are online. The number of people searching the World Wide Web is increasing with each passing day. With the Internet being the “hottest” place to be, all sorts of businesses are looking into the possibility of online advertising. The internet is where we […]

How will social media fare in 2014

Since its inception some years ago, the dynamic world of social media has never stopped for a second, forming its own natural food chain in which the big fish always eats the small fish. Almost always, that is. Remember when Mark Zuckerberg snubbed $1 billion from Yahoo to boldly go where no man has gone […]