A revamped Fantastical 2 for iPhone and iPad

Fantastical 2 for iPhone and iPad were both modified to incorporate with the iOS 8 features such as interactive notifications, a today widget and the like, according to Lifehacker. Now, users are enabled to snooze and interact with notifications whenever it pops up, pull the Fantastical in the Notifications Center and creating new events from […]

Pay for extra features on Tinder

CEO and cofounder Sean Rad told Forbes that they will be introducing an update in November which will feature premium service offers. No particular changes was mentioned by Rad however, he stated that one of the features is concentrated on traveling. “We are adding features users have been begging us for,” Rad stated. “They will […]

A photo-sharing app launched by Microsoft

Microsoft has introduced Xim — their photo-sharing app which shares slideshows directly to your friends’ smartphones even without the app itself. Xim enables you to share photos from various platforms; your gallery, Facebook, Dropbox and even Instagram. The app allows you to view the photos even if you don’t have the app installed in your […]

A redesigned and more improved Skype for Mac

Skype for Mac has been updated to version 7.0 that brings out a mobile design layout to the desktop app. With an aim to deliver a more sleek and smooth chat experience, the app integrates new icons and a new blue element. With the anticipated release to the public of the OS X Yosemite, the […]

Copy-paste made easier with Clips for iOS

“Clips“, a fresh app that has been introduced by Clean Shaven Apps, features a copy-paste action that is convenient and easy to use. It comes with a Notification Centre widget, a custom keyboard and a share menu. The app keeps your copy history, enables you to tweak how you want clips to be pasted and is accessible […]

Yovo – your new addictive photo-sharing app

Yovo – a new app which was released on Wednesday for iOS, is quite similar with Snapchat and other photo-sharing apps. What distinguishes Yovo from other similar apps is its clever trick to scramble the screenshots. By switching on the “D-fence” mode, the app then brings out moving filters that operates at a fast pace […]

Organize your notes through Post-It Plus

Taking a photo of your notes via your smartphone camera maybe smart and convenient however, the new Post-It Plus offers something better. It detects any sticky notes and enables you to organize them one by one or as groups, and ultimately lets you share them. Simply capture your Post-It notes and Post-It Plus will instantaneously […]

Instagram launches Hyperlapse App

Instagram has rolled-out “Hyperlapse”, its all-new flagship app that captures high-quality stabilised time lapse videos even while in motion. The app’s built-in stabilisation technology lets the user generate moving handheld time lapses that result to a cinematic and ultra smooth quality and experience — a traditional feature which is formerly fulfilled only by users with comprehensive photography equipment and […]

Spire: a wearable device that measures your breathing patterns

Regular respiratory rate for an average adult is about 16-20 breaths per minute. A new wearable device called “Spire” can measure your breathing patterns through the mobile app. “Spire senses your breathing patterns and what they say about your state of mind. It detects the number of steps you take when you walk and run. […]