The Biggest Update: A First Glance At The Android Wear 2.0

Google has announced the biggest and newest update on Android Wear 2.0 which is more functional to its wearable platform. Android Wear 2.0 has dropped and makes a huge change since Google has finally acknowledged the need for a redesign to its wearable operating system. It uses a Material Design-friendly user interface, which has more advantage on watches, more responsive […]

10 of the Best Android Apps of April 2016

Find the best new apps for your Android phone or tablet. For those who wish to try new apps, check this list made by Android Authority:  1. Dictionary Linguee                                   Benefit from a unique language experience, Dictionary Linguee is one of the most popular bilingual dictionaries […]

Google Hangouts now available as a desktop Chrome app

Google has made it possible for account owners to chat with friends, family, relatives and workmates smoothly by releasing Google’s Hangouts for desktop. Ruling out in-browser messaging, Google Hangouts now operates in the background. Users are now able to get notifications and pop “chat heads” interface, similar with any other instant messaging app, It has also extended accessibility as it […]

A look in to the newest iOS 8 key features

Just days after the iPhone 6 launch, Apple has finally released the latest version of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, iOS 8. It seems Apple has become more flexible, as it will mark the first time Apple has opened up its mobile operating system to third-party keyboards and widgets, via iOS 8 Extensions. Media apps […]

Why Apple Needs Bigger iPhones

A new report from Adobe shows that when it comes to smartphones, the bigger the screen, the better. The 2014 Mobile Benchmark report by Adobe tested trends as well as the browsing and buying habits and patterns of individuals. The report then concluded that for Apple to remain on top of its game, they need […]

A Bright Future for Snapchat

Generation Y, also known as the “millennial generation” are now the most active generation when it comes to the online social media sites, especially now, when almost all these sites can conveniently be accessed through tablets and mobile phones which is predicted to be the default trend the next generations will follow. According to a […]

McAfee: 80% of Flappy Bird imitations contain malware

238 out of 300 tested clones of Flappy Bird — the game created by Dong Nguyen, who is still considering its relaunch — has been found to contain malware, according to a report from McAfee, Inc., a global computer security software company. The Flappy Bird craze has gone wild, and MacAfee has stated that malware […]