Updates on Dropbox after partnership with Microsoft

Dropbox has updated their mobile app inclined with their partnership with Microsoft. Users can now edit their Office files directly from the Dropbox app through clicking the new “Edit” icon. Then, it will let you access your Dropbox documents to your mobile Office apps. After you have finished working, the changes will be saved directly […]

Updated Dropbox for iOS

iOS: Dropbox has modified its services with various new features including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support as well as Touch ID integration for unlocking. General stability and performance ameliorations were established also, rich text format files previewing were improved, according to MacRumors. Upon the release of iOS 8, Dropbox has updated to bring forth […]

Dropbox to open Sydney office

Dropbox, the cloud-based file-sharing service is opening a new office in Sydney, Australia, which means a whole new range of employment opportunities, mostly in customer-facing roles and sales and support. According to the article on the Australian, this will be the company’s first Asia-Pacific office that is set up to ensure best possible service for […]

Dropbox to name Google’s Dennis Woodside First Chief Operating Officer

Dropbox intends to assign Dennis Woodside, who was recently in charge of the Motorola Mobility handset unit at Google, to oversee Dropbox’s growing online-storage business. The decision is in line with the latest financing streak that brought $350 million from investors like BlackRock, T. Rowe Price and Morgan Stanley Investment Management. According to the article on The […]