Princeton researchers say Facebook is dying out?

Researchers from Princeton claim that Facebook will disappear in a few years, as social media, according to them, is just like an epidemic- spreading infectiously between people before completely dying out. The engineers used epidemiological models to come to their rather peculiar conclusion, as one cannot simply compare the development of social media to the […]

Dove marks 10th anniversary of “Campaign for Real Beauty”

Dove launched the “Campaign for Real Beauty” ten years ago, following the disturbing results from a conducted research, according to which only 2% of women around the world believed they were beautiful. Ten years later, after everyone agreed that the definition for beauty needs to be redefined, a study conducted in the USA showed that […]

BtoB marketing outlook survey reveals increase in 2014 digital spending

Business-to-business marketers will be allocating greater chunks of their budgets to digital spending this year. The article featured on AdAge reveals the results from Advertising Age’s 2014 BtoB Outlook: Priorities and Plans survey, according to which, digital spending will see the biggest boost in 2014, as 79.9% of b-to-b marketers plan to increase that spending. The increase […]