MetaX and DMA Ties-Up to Launch adChain: First Blockchain Solution to Digital Advertising Fraud

MetaX and Data & Marketing Association (DMA) have recently announced their collaboration to introduce adChain, the first blockchain-based platform aimed at solving digital advertising fraud. adChain is an open protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that strengthens the online advertising industry by generating an auditable and balanced ecosystem. It instills transparency, efficiency and trust to the […]

Get Things Done with ‘Goals’ in Google Calendar

No pressure! Google got everything you need. Google Calendar marks its ten-year anniversary with a new mobile feature which allows you to do something for yourself and your self-development. Introducing Goals for you to easily keep track of personal and work tasks! With Goals, you can quickly manage your workflow to make time in planning […]

Get Rid of Toilet Anxiety with ‘Silent Loo’ App

This is how comfort rooms became uncomfortable: Holding back, so you won’t make a sound. When you want it all out unnoticed but you’re already drenching in sweat, Bathstore’s Silent Loo app saves you from embarrassment. Those ‘pee’ and ‘poop’ sounds are quite natural yet surely awkward things which you’ve been trying to avoid, most […]