Sony partners with Spotify to replace Music Unlimited

Sony has announced that they’ll be teaming up with Spotify to launch a new streaming music service called PlayStation Music this coming spring. This service will replace Music Unlimited and will be launching in 41 markets including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. Launching the new service on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 game consoles, users […]

The Microsoft HoloLens welcomes us to the world of holograms

Last week, Microsoft revealed its newest technology in their Washington Headquarters. Sleek and transparent, The HoloLens shows that we are now indeed, living in the future.  The new product involves three dimensional objects floating in mid-air, which basically makes your surroundings a virtual, life sized screen.  Out of all the technology powerhouses, it is the first […]

Updated Dropbox for iOS

iOS: Dropbox has modified its services with various new features including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support as well as Touch ID integration for unlocking. General stability and performance ameliorations were established also, rich text format files previewing were improved, according to MacRumors. Upon the release of iOS 8, Dropbox has updated to bring forth […]

A revamped Fantastical 2 for iPhone and iPad

Fantastical 2 for iPhone and iPad were both modified to incorporate with the iOS 8 features such as interactive notifications, a today widget and the like, according to Lifehacker. Now, users are enabled to snooze and interact with notifications whenever it pops up, pull the Fantastical in the Notifications Center and creating new events from […]

Is #Johning the new planking?

In 1 May 2014, The Hollywood Reporter (THR) has featured John Green and the upcoming film The Fault in Our Stars, which was based from his book of the same title. In that article, John Green “posed for a picture while lying on the floor with one’s legs over the footboard of a bed and a laptop […]

Facebook acquires Branch for $ 15 million

Facebook has acquired link-sharing service Branch and sister service Potluck. A new Branch team, called “Conversations” will be formed at Facebook headquarters with the goal of helping users connect around their common interests. Branch is a well-known platform for hosting and publishing invite-only conversations, while Potluck is a web and mobile app designed for friends […]