Get Rid of Toilet Anxiety with ‘Silent Loo’ App

This is how comfort rooms became uncomfortable: Holding back, so you won’t make a sound. When you want it all out unnoticed but you’re already drenching in sweat, Bathstore’s Silent Loo app saves you from embarrassment. Those ‘pee’ and ‘poop’ sounds are quite natural yet surely awkward things which you’ve been trying to avoid, most […]

The mobile app that everyone should look out for

Gyro Skate is a skateboard game app that scores on the phone owner’s trick skills using gyroscope built into smartphones to power such kind of app. Skills are done through tossing the phone into the air, making it flip and spin on a certain number of times or in a particular direction and then catching it […]

Antidate Limited launches its dating app

Antidate is a new kind of dating app with a gender-skewed, asymmetric twist that let male users be visible within the app to women while they, on the other hand, are not. Women will only be visible to men if they start up a chat or ‘tap’ on a guy’s profile.    Its main purpose is to […]

An updated Vine for iOS 8

Vine has updated their app with a set of new features including importing a video directly from the Camera Roll. The update features an integration with the iOS 8’s share extension which allows users to select a vine from the main Photos app, by tapping “More” from the share icon, you can add Vine from […]

Microsoft introduces a Lockscreen app for Android

Brought by the Microsoft Garage division, Microsoft has rolled out a the new Next Lock Screen, a lockscreen app which features a notification center similar with the Android Lollipop. Not limited with the notification center, the app shows relevant information from your apps straight on the lockscreen so there’s no need to visit the app […]

Updated Dropbox for iOS

iOS: Dropbox has modified its services with various new features including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support as well as Touch ID integration for unlocking. General stability and performance ameliorations were established also, rich text format files previewing were improved, according to MacRumors. Upon the release of iOS 8, Dropbox has updated to bring forth […]