New Resource to Deliver Digital Technologies Into Classrooms

Press Release A new online learning hub will help to demystify computer coding and digital technologies in Australian classrooms, supporting teachers and students to produce digital solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. The Digital Technologies Hub, funded by the Australian Government for $2.1 million, is a new online learning resource that supports the implementation of […]

Dropbox to open Sydney office

Dropbox, the cloud-based file-sharing service is opening a new office in Sydney, Australia, which means a whole new range of employment opportunities, mostly in customer-facing roles and sales and support. According to the article on the Australian, this will be the company’s first Asia-Pacific office that is set up to ensure best possible service for […]

Guy Kawasaki joins Australian start-up Canva

The Australian start-up company Canva has managed to nab the man who helped launch the Macintosh computer- Guy Kawasaki, an Apple legend, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, author and technology adviser.   Canva was established by Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht, the founders of Fusion Books, the largest school yearbook publisher in Australia. Following the success […]

Apple brings iTunes Radio to Australia

iTunes Radio™, the free Internet radio service with over 100 stations and an amazing catalog of music from the iTunes Store® is now available for fans in Australia. The company announced the good news in a press release last week, stressing that users in Australia can now tune into iTunes Radio on their iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, […]

Telstra and Google to penetrate the Australian TV market

Telstra, the Telco giant, has been working with Google, the search engine giant, to incorporate its BigPond media content assets, including movies and sports, into Google’s Chromecast digital media player. According to the article on the Australian, this move will see the US search engine enter the Australian TV market. The Chromecast is a $US35 […]

Google sells Motorola Mobility to Lenovo, cashes in $3 billion

Google has sold Motorola Mobility, the struggling US mobile phone company, to Lenovo, the Chinese computer making giant for $2.91bn, after paying 12.5bn for it just two years ago. An article featured on the BBC reveals that Lenovo intends to build up its smartphone unit through the purchase of Motorola, despite the fact that Google gets to […]