The Biggest Update: A First Glance At The Android Wear 2.0

Google has announced the biggest and newest update on Android Wear 2.0 which is more functional to its wearable platform. Android Wear 2.0 has dropped and makes a huge change since Google has finally acknowledged the need for a redesign to its wearable operating system. It uses a Material Design-friendly user interface, which has more advantage on watches, more responsive […]

List: Google’s Top 10 Trending Consumer Tech in 2015

Google annually recaps the most popular searches and trending topics of different categories.  Check out 2015’s ‘Year in Search’ list in consumer tech:   10. Surface Pro 4 Image: Wikimedia Commons   9. Nexus 6P Image:   8. HTC One M9 Image:   7. Samsung Galaxy J5 Image: Samsung   6. Samsung Galaxy Note 5   […]

Apple releases Ipad Air 2 commercial

Apple has released their new product ad just in time for the holiday season.   Using the line “Change Is In The Air”, this new commercial definitely shows new possible uses for the gadget that have not yet been seen before. although the features have not been revealed, the ad alone shows that we should […]

5 awesome holiday gift ideas for loyal iPhone users

Tired of getting another normal phone cases and Apple store gift cards? Here are five great Holiday gift ideas for the loyal iPhone users in your lives. 1. A fashionable clutch that charges your phone. You never have to worry about running out of battery when you’re out at a formal affair.       […]

Why Apple Needs Bigger iPhones

A new report from Adobe shows that when it comes to smartphones, the bigger the screen, the better. The 2014 Mobile Benchmark report by Adobe tested trends as well as the browsing and buying habits and patterns of individuals. The report then concluded that for Apple to remain on top of its game, they need […]

What you need to know about Samsung’s new Smart Phone

With all the announcements going around about Apple’s newest iPhone soon to be launched to the public, Samsung has made a bold move by giving a very detailed teaser on the features of its newest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Some of its key features include: A fingerprint sensor built into the home button, as […]