Three Predictions for the Future of Entertainment

The future of entertainment is here and it all starts using mobile devices, living in a virtual world. Because of the fast-paced technology, entertainment today comes at consumers as rapidly as they want it. Consumers have widely embraced the rise of digital video for consuming contents and even interacts with what they’re watching from their smartphones to streaming platforms. […]

The Biggest Update: A First Glance At The Android Wear 2.0

Google has announced the biggest and newest update on Android Wear 2.0 which is more functional to its wearable platform. Android Wear 2.0 has dropped and makes a huge change since Google has finally acknowledged the need for a redesign to its wearable operating system. It uses a Material Design-friendly user interface, which has more advantage on watches, more responsive […]

Get Things Done with ‘Goals’ in Google Calendar

No pressure! Google got everything you need. Google Calendar marks its ten-year anniversary with a new mobile feature which allows you to do something for yourself and your self-development. Introducing Goals for you to easily keep track of personal and work tasks! With Goals, you can quickly manage your workflow to make time in planning […]

List: Google’s Top 10 Trending Consumer Tech in 2015

Google annually recaps the most popular searches and trending topics of different categories.  Check out 2015’s ‘Year in Search’ list in consumer tech:   10. Surface Pro 4 Image: Wikimedia Commons   9. Nexus 6P Image:   8. HTC One M9 Image:   7. Samsung Galaxy J5 Image: Samsung   6. Samsung Galaxy Note 5   […]

Google Hangouts now available as a desktop Chrome app

Google has made it possible for account owners to chat with friends, family, relatives and workmates smoothly by releasing Google’s Hangouts for desktop. Ruling out in-browser messaging, Google Hangouts now operates in the background. Users are now able to get notifications and pop “chat heads” interface, similar with any other instant messaging app, It has also extended accessibility as it […]

Google prioritises security; calls for “HTTPS Everywhere”

Google has announced they have exerted a major investment — which includes strong SSL encryption by default — and created “Project Zero” to make sure its services use leading security protocols, resulting to an automatic safe connection to Search, Gmail and Google Drive and secure access to websites. The company has recently created “Project Zero”, a new, well-staffed team […]

Google, Microsoft secures ‘kill switch’ to upcoming phones

Google and Microsoft has announced incorporating “kill switch” technology in the next version of their smartphone operating systems to counter increasing numbers of mobile device theft. The Office of the New York State Attorney General has released an update to its Secure our Smartphones (SOS) Initiative, pushing for a technological solution: a “kill switch” application to enable authorised […]