India shows rapid growth of e-commerce in the world

India possess the world’s fastest-growing large economy, and the earth’s biggest population of millennials. After so many years, India has overtaken China as the fastest growing major economy in the world. China, which has been the largest e-commerce market in the world was recently slowing down. Private consumption and exports of goods and services have […]

10 of the Best Android Apps of April 2016

Find the best new apps for your Android phone or tablet. For those who wish to try new apps, check this list made by Android Authority:  1. Dictionary Linguee                                   Benefit from a unique language experience, Dictionary Linguee is one of the most popular bilingual dictionaries […]

New Update on Instagram Lets You Share 60-Second Video Clips

The days of sharing 15-second videos on Instagram are over. Instagram’s latest update has increased its video limit and allows users to record a 60-second clip. Instagram announces on their blog that they will expand its video capacity up to 60 seconds on iOS and Android. Increasing the video length limit will surely benefits users, who will […]

The Importance of Visual Content

Internet Marketing can be tricky, especially when it comes to coming up with unique, creative and quality content that will be worth the reader’s time and effort. With all the competition using the internet as a tool to market their products and services,it becomes harder to capture the attention of your target audience. With the […]

What teens in Australia are up to online

Teenagers Australia aged 14-17 are going online anywhere and anyway they can. You may see their noses stuck to their phones all day but data compiled by the Australian Communications and Media Authority show what teens are are up to online. Teens who are connected to the internet through their smartphones and other gadgets spend […]

Poll reveals major internet impact on society

A poll released on the 25th anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web by Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee revealed that 76% of the Americans believe that the internet is a good thing for society. According to the article on the Pew research Centre, the past two decades have seen the internet enter into the very […]

Advantages of online advertising

Living in a digital age means people of all ages and races are online. The number of people searching the World Wide Web is increasing with each passing day. With the Internet being the “hottest” place to be, all sorts of businesses are looking into the possibility of online advertising. The internet is where we […]