Microsoft Azure scales up cloud migration with Sourced’s Pega on Azure

Leading global technology consultancy group Sourced Group Worldwide partnered with Microsoft Azure in developing Pega on Azure, a new consulting offering that should allow enterprises to benefit from cloud solutions with all the benefits of Azure’s PaaS environment. “Business process management and case management application like Pega are critical for the operations of large organisations, […]

Microsoft makes accessing Skype Translator Preview easier

Microsoft, a multinational company for computer softwares and products, has made it easier to access their newest feature to Skype, the Skype Translator Preview. Now, Microsoft has removed the signing-up requirement so everyone can instantly use the feature right after downloading. Skype is a world-wide online messaging application that provides video chat and voice calls […]

The Microsoft HoloLens welcomes us to the world of holograms

Last week, Microsoft revealed its newest technology in their Washington Headquarters. Sleek and transparent, The HoloLens shows that we are now indeed, living in the future.  The new product involves three dimensional objects floating in mid-air, which basically makes your surroundings a virtual, life sized screen.  Out of all the technology powerhouses, it is the first […]

Updates on Dropbox after partnership with Microsoft

Dropbox has updated their mobile app inclined with their partnership with Microsoft. Users can now edit their Office files directly from the Dropbox app through clicking the new “Edit” icon. Then, it will let you access your Dropbox documents to your mobile Office apps. After you have finished working, the changes will be saved directly […]

Microsoft introduces a Lockscreen app for Android

Brought by the Microsoft Garage division, Microsoft has rolled out a the new Next Lock Screen, a lockscreen app which features a notification center similar with the Android Lollipop. Not limited with the notification center, the app shows relevant information from your apps straight on the lockscreen so there’s no need to visit the app […]

Xbox Music Streaming — No Longer Free

Effective on December 1st, Xbox Music will no longer be available for free on your PC, phone or any other web-accessing device. Microsoft will stop offering the Spotify-like service for free however, it will not be gone completely. Users will now be obliged to pay for the earlier premium Xbox Music Pass which will charge […]

A photo-sharing app launched by Microsoft

Microsoft has introduced Xim — their photo-sharing app which shares slideshows directly to your friends’ smartphones even without the app itself. Xim enables you to share photos from various platforms; your gallery, Facebook, Dropbox and even Instagram. The app allows you to view the photos even if you don’t have the app installed in your […]

Amazon Fire Phone burns down price to 99 cents

Upon Apple’s release of iPhone 6, Amazon has announced a drastic price drop from $200 to only 99 cents and a two-year contract with AT&T for their smartphone — Amazon Fire Phone. Unveiled in late July, the Fire was expected to reach a revenue of one to two million in its first year. has pointed out, […]

Google, Microsoft secures ‘kill switch’ to upcoming phones

Google and Microsoft has announced incorporating “kill switch” technology in the next version of their smartphone operating systems to counter increasing numbers of mobile device theft. The Office of the New York State Attorney General has released an update to its Secure our Smartphones (SOS) Initiative, pushing for a technological solution: a “kill switch” application to enable authorised […]

Partnership between Microsoft and Queensland Government plans to bring Office 365 to 149,000 government employees

After making Office apps available to iPad, Microsoft strikes again by partnering with the government of Queensland, the second-largest state in Australia, which will eventually bring Office 365 to 149,000 government employees. Microsoft stated on their official blog that this partnership is a “major step in the state’s Information and Communications Technologies strategy to transform digital services, take […]