Dropbox to name Google’s Dennis Woodside First Chief Operating Officer

Dropbox intends to assign Dennis Woodside, who was recently in charge of the Motorola Mobility handset unit at Google, to oversee Dropbox’s growing online-storage business. The decision is in line with the latest financing streak that brought $350 million from investors like BlackRock, T. Rowe Price and Morgan Stanley Investment Management. According to the article on The […]

Google sells Motorola Mobility to Lenovo, cashes in $3 billion

Google has sold Motorola Mobility, the struggling US mobile phone company, to Lenovo, the Chinese computer making giant for $2.91bn, after paying 12.5bn for it just two years ago. An article featured on the BBC reveals that Lenovo intends to build up its smartphone unit through the purchase of Motorola, despite the fact that Google gets to […]