And so we begin 2014

If you thought 2013 went fast, I think you’re in for a real thrill ride in 2014. Social Media will continue to be the medium we choose for communication – with Facebook giving way for emerging platforms such as Snapchat. Technology will find its way on us, as the move towards wearable technology will accelerate […]

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

It has been a rapidly changing year at andon. We have been moving forward to constantly evolving communication platforms. ¬†We have been pushed, probed and shaped by the ever-changing media landscape, which itself is constantly at the mercy of new technologies. But we have continued to do, what we’ve done since 1999 – evolve. At […]

Color is a rare commodity.

There are many things we take for granted. We go through daily motions not really appreciating the little things, or in this case the brighter things. I was driving to work, on a typical grey Melbourne day. The clouds were a thick grey, which in turned painted a gloomy grey light on the trees, the […]