New Belfie Stick helps you take pictures of your behind

The Belfie stick, unlike the regular selfie sticks, has an adjustable arm that allows users find the perfect angle. It will help users put your smartphone into the right position without the need of a mirror or having to bend or twist. Because 2014 has been “all about the butts” that started with Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda up to Kim Kardashian’s butt […]

Nokia’s Here Maps launches its mobile app for Android

 Here Beta is a mobile app version of Nokia’s Here Maps that lets you search, navigate or get directions around the world with or without any Internet connection. Released on December 5, 2014, this mobile app would really test your loyalty with Google Maps for they have similar approaches in design and layout. The only […]

A photo-sharing app launched by Microsoft

Microsoft has introduced Xim — their photo-sharing app which shares slideshows directly to your friends’ smartphones even without the app itself. Xim enables you to share photos from various platforms; your gallery, Facebook, Dropbox and even Instagram. The app allows you to view the photos even if you don’t have the app installed in your […]

Google Hangouts now available as a desktop Chrome app

Google has made it possible for account owners to chat with friends, family, relatives and workmates smoothly by releasing Google’s Hangouts for desktop. Ruling out in-browser messaging, Google Hangouts now operates in the background. Users are now able to get notifications and pop “chat heads” interface, similar with any other instant messaging app, It has also extended accessibility as it […]

Google, Microsoft secures ‘kill switch’ to upcoming phones

Google and Microsoft has announced incorporating “kill switch” technology in the next version of their smartphone operating systems to counter increasing numbers of mobile device theft. The Office of the New York State Attorney General has released an update to its Secure our Smartphones (SOS) Initiative, pushing for a technological solution: a “kill switch” application to enable authorised […]

Partnership between Microsoft and Queensland Government plans to bring Office 365 to 149,000 government employees

After making Office apps available to iPad, Microsoft strikes again by partnering with the government of Queensland, the second-largest state in Australia, which will eventually bring Office 365 to 149,000 government employees. Microsoft stated on their official blog that this partnership is a “major step in the state’s Information and Communications Technologies strategy to transform digital services, take […]